Give Your Pool the Proper Treatment

Give Your Pool the Proper Treatment

Schedule swimming pool service in Delmar, Clifton Park & Albany, NY

Is it time to open or close your pool? Cool River Pools will come to your home or commercial property to help you transition into the coming season.

For pool openings, we'll remove and store your pool cover. Count on us to replace plugs with jets and install ladders and handrails in the appropriate places. We'll even set up the pump and motor for you.

When it's time to close your pool, reach out to us for the appropriate swimming pool service. We'll close up jets and take apart the pump and motor to stow it away. We'll also seal the pool tight with your pool cover.

Call Cool River Pools at 518-729-4807 to schedule swimming pool service in Delmar, Clifton Park & Albany, NY.

Why spend money on swimming pool maintenance?

Cool River Pools makes it easy and affordable to get professional pool help. You should invest in swimming pool maintenance to:

  • Get recommendations about replacing your equipment when necessary.
  • Set up and store pool equipment properly during on and off seasons.
  • Maintain a clean and safe swimming environment for your family and guests.

Make an appointment for swimming pool maintenance in Delmar, Clifton Park & Albany, NY to open or close your pool properly. Call 518-729-4807 today to get started.