Maintain Proper Chlorine Levels

Maintain Proper Chlorine Levels

Call us for swimming pool water testing in Delmar, Clifton Park & Albany, NY

Cool River Pools offers pool water testing in Delmar, NY to make sure your pool is chemically balanced. We'll come out to your property to test your pool water and make expert recommendations about your chemical mix.

Learn more about the importance of swimming pool water testing by reaching out to Cool River Pools today.

3 key benefits of pool water testing

Do you know the appropriate chemical levels for your pool? Whether you have a small backyard pool or a huge apartment complex pool, Cool River Pools can help you:

  1. Learn how to balance chemicals properly
  2. Recommend the appropriate chemicals to use
  3. Make sure there isn't too much chlorine in your water

Is your water safe to swim in? Call Cool River Pools at 518-729-4807 today to schedule swimming pool water testing in Delmar, Clifton Park & Albany, NY.